In Conversation: Burak Gürmeriç cover image

In Conversation: Burak Gürmeriç

"The function of a product becomes unique when it is shaped in line with the user's own needs. Form, material, color, texture, packaging, promotional language of the product, social media content, videos, photos are the components rather than the basic elements of a design. None of these components should be more exaggerated than the other."

In Conversation: Aleyna Takmaz cover image

In Conversation: Aleyna Takmaz

"Following the trail left by those postcards, I accept the memory stops of the city as a souvenir and heritage and design my collections accordingly. While adopting the principle of slow living, I ensure that the bags accompany these pleasant moments."

In Conversation: Ecemnaz Dalmaz cover image

In Conversation: Ecemnaz Dalmaz

“If I don't feel my emotions, myself; it doesn't matter which one it is, if I don't hear my inner voice, my internal voice, so to speak, I feel like I've lost everything and this turns into anger in me. Not hearing your heart and inner voice is like going deaf all of a sudden. I always need them to not get lost. It is me that means my work, and it is me that means my work.”

In Conversation: Meral Saatçi cover image

In Conversation: Meral Saatçi

Exploring life's unexpected twists, creative sparks, and the world of jewelry design with the jewelry designer, Meral Saatçi.

In Conversation: Kübra Su Yıldırım cover image

In Conversation: Kübra Su Yıldırım

“I might not be able to pinpoint my location, but within the chaos I depict, any character from there would show you where I belong.” A conversation with Kübra Su Yıldırım on the grotesques within the revelry of the world.

In Conversation: Tehanu Terrazzo cover image

In Conversation: Tehanu Terrazzo

Discover Tehanu Terrazzo marrying classical terrazzo aesthetics, modern compositions, and a burst of vibrant style.

“Under Two Suns” is now at OMM. cover image

“Under Two Suns” is now at OMM.

Curated from the Erol Tabanca Collection by Aslı Seven, “Under Two Suns” offers a journey through refractions of light and cast shadows, into the profoundly solar, relational, and mutating nature of our being in the world. Featuring artworks from Turkey and around the world, the exhibition brings together over 40 artists and more than 60 works. The exhibition will be on display until July 21, 2024.

In Conversation: Nueno Ceramic cover image

In Conversation: Nueno Ceramic

With its calming colors and simple yet playful appearance, we talked about Nueno Ceramic, one of OMM Shop’s most beloved brands, with its founder Osman Bayram.

In Conversation: Ufuk Barış Mutlu cover image

In Conversation: Ufuk Barış Mutlu

Exploring Ufuk Barış Mutlu's design process and sources of inspiration.

In Conversation: Mihanikî cover image

In Conversation: Mihanikî

We met with Sema Kentel, the founder of Mihanikî, at her atelier in Istanbul to talk about her eye-catching jewelry designs, muses, and future plans.

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