The exhibition “Grief and Pleasure”  is now at OMM. cover image

The exhibition “Grief and Pleasure” is now at OMM.

Focusing on all the mechanisms that simultaneously enable human emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust, contempt and shame, as well as contradictory states such as grief and pleasure, the exhibition brings together works from various media including painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation. The exhibition will be on display until 30 July 2023.

In Conversation: Murat Akagündüz cover image

In Conversation: Murat Akagündüz

We talked to Murat Akagündüz about our indirect relationship with nature, and Greta Thunberg as the "prophet of our age".

In Conversation: Sergen Şehitoğlu cover image

In Conversation: Sergen Şehitoğlu

We talked to Sergen Şehitoğlu about the graveyard for planes and the search for order at the center of human activity.

European Museum Awards 2021 cover image

European Museum Awards 2021

OMM was awarded a Special Commendation in the “European Museum of the Year Awards 2021.”

In Conversation: Nazan Azeri cover image

In Conversation: Nazan Azeri

We talked with Nazan Azeri about seeds growing on the body, and ancient knowledge at the heart of contemporary experiences.

In Conversation: Ali Kazma cover image

In Conversation: Ali Kazma

Ali Kazma on the seeds waiting for the end of the world and the protective role of art.

In Conversation: Lara Ögel cover image

In Conversation: Lara Ögel

Lara Ögel on the cycles of life and "learning to die".

In Conversation: Alper Aydın cover image

In Conversation: Alper Aydın

The artist on the history of land art and "humanity as a biological part of nature".

In Conversation: Fırat Engin cover image

In Conversation: Fırat Engin

Fırat Engin on "Purification," consumerist lifestyles, and the uncertainty of the future.

In Conversation: Elmas Deniz cover image

In Conversation: Elmas Deniz

On “not to be sold common resources”, the human-nature relationship, and antique Irish laces.

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