As OMM - Odunpazarı Modern Museum, our goal is to function as an intercultural gateway by exhibiting contemporary works of Turkish and international artist with a universal perspective as well as fulfilling our duty of preserving, exhibiting and expanding our collection.

Our aim is to become an intersection point for art by promoting, exhibiting and supporting the works of established and up-and-coming artists. We wish to launch projects sensitive to time and change together with institutions and establishments from all over the world while keeping abreast of contemporary art.

Our dream is to bring people together in Eskişehir, one of the most modern cities of Anatolia, drawing strength from the ability of artistic expression to make people question, think and unite. We aspire to familiarize the local community with global modern art while promoting Eskişehir to the world through the architecture of the museum and the exhibitions included in it.

In this platform upholding academic and ethical values, we as the OMM family believe that arts, culture and freedom of thought play a critical role in the development of a society. Our goal is to contribute a new voice and perspective to Turkish art with dynamic projects in addition to exhibitions, to serve our community with new education opportunities and to march towards a future full of innovation.

We are setting on our way to become a platform that feeds on local values and captures universal rhythms, talks and listens, nourishes as it produces, provides visibility to all branches of art and an institution where cultural differences, uncensored dialogue and varying perspectives are freely expressed.

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