İdil Tabanca


Defne Casaretto

Museum Director

  • Collection and Exhibitions

    Zeynep Birced

    Exhibitions Director

    Yağmur Elif Ertekin

    Production Director

    Belda Namdar


  • Corporate Communications

    Bengü Kırkız Ergüven

    Communications Director

    Amir Jamshidi

    Creative Project Manager

    Pelin Cengiz

    Visual Communication Specialist

  • Education Programs

    Ayşe Yaman

    Education Programs Manager

    Kaan İpekçi

    Education Programs Specialist

    Serra Çoruh Seyrekel

    Education Programs Specialist

  • Editorial

    Rânâ Mengü


    Eda Güneş

    Social Media Specialist

  • OMM Shop

    Bengül Eren

    Museum Shop Director

    Semih Uluboyar

    E-commerce Manager

    Gizem Hisarkaya

    Sales Specialist

    Nisanur Gümüş

    Sales Specialist

    Büşra Esan

    Sales Specialist

    Melih Tekin

    Warehouse Officer

  • Administration and Operations

    Murat Buzluca

    Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Manager

    Sezgin Geridönmez

    Accounting Manager

    Mehmet Aktaş

    Accounting Specialist

    Kenan Uzunkaya

    Technical Manager

    Uğurcan Yumlu

    Technical Specialist

    Çağrı Can

    Support Staff

  • Visitor Relations

    Merve Atalay

    Visitor Relations Specialist

    Seda Er

    Ticket Officer

    İbrahim Uğur Ülüğ

    Ticket Officer

  • OMM Cafe

    Ayşe Sürücü


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