Through its Education Programs, OMM – Odunpazarı Modern Museum offers a range of educational opportunities for a variety of audiences. Throughout the year, OMM offers an array of guided tours for art viewers of all ages, artist meet-ups, workshops, seminars and various other events.

Designed to nurture the inquisitive and the creative, OMM’s seminars and workshops encourage participants to produce ideas and projects. OMM also aims to familiarise young people with exhibition etiquette and various fields of art while highlighting the importance of preserving cultural heritage. In particular, our seminars and workshops aspire to enable children and young people to develop a habit of frequenting the museum and to benefit more broadly from museums as places of inclusivity. Through the programs, OMM invites its young visitors for an in-person, open dialogue where they listen, learn and blend this information with their own ideas and imagination in order to create a completely new idea that they can then present to the public.

You can find detailed information here about the on-site, online guided tours and experiences offered by OMM Education Programs, which organizes workshops, seminars, guided exhibition tours and artist meetings for children, youth and adults.

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