With OMM Education Programs, we are transforming our venues, team and resources into educational opportunities for everyone, as well as making our collection and exhibitions available to the viewers. Throughout the year at OMM, we offer chances to learn and experiment with an array of guided tours for art viewers of all ages, artist meet-ups, workshops, seminars and various activities.

OMM intends to encourage visitors with different areas of interest to discover their motives for coming to the museum, to express themselves through art and return with new questions and perspectives. Particularly, we aim to enable children and youths to obtain the habit of coming to the museum and benefit from museums as a place for all, understand the importance of recognizing and protecting cultural heritage, develop their ability to reach information with the right questions, get acquainted with different disciplines of art, and nurture themselves in versatile ways to create solutions, ideas and works of their own. Through the language of art, OMM invites the young museum visitors to listen to different ideas while synchronizing them with their own knowledge, creativity and interpretation, which would eventually allow them to express these new ideas in society.

You can find detailed information here about the on-site, online guided tours and experiences offered by OMM Education Programs, which organizes workshops, seminars, guided exhibition tours and artist meetings for children, youth and adults.

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