In Conversation: Nueno Ceramic

Osman Bayram continues his ceramic journey which he started in 2008, at his workshop in Eskişehir. We explored the colorful world of Nueno Ceramic, founded in 2019, and talked about the design language and production processes of the products.

Nueno Ceramic is an enjoyable brand with its pastel-toned, minimal, and functional objects. When did you start making ceramics? Would you like to talk a bit about your workshop environment?

I have had a long-standing interest in plastic arts and digital art. After receiving an education in ceramics, I have been actively working in various branches of ceramics since 2008.

I found Nueno Ceramic in Eskişehir in 2019. It started as a personal workshop, but later, I noticed a growing interest, especially from abroad and I focused on international sales by collaborating with online stores. Shortly after, the products also began to be sold in Turkey.

In my works, I prioritize experimental designs while also maintaining an industrial production approach. Additionally, besides my own creations, I try to offer a platform for other artists to bring their personal works to life. The workshop serves as a space for professional collaborations, fostering a creative environment for production. During these collaborations, artists design their own products while I manage the production process in a way that involves them at every stage.

You have a range of handmade products, including vases, ceramic fermentation vessels, pots designed for drip irrigation, and tobacco pipes. How would you describe your designs? Are there specific aspects you focus on while creating your products, or do you uphold any particular framework during the creation process?

I would describe my designs as both simple and functional. My focus is on creating products that fulfill specific needs but are not easily found on the market. Besides functionality, I also pay attention to infusing a touch of humor into my designs.

Regarding the style, I aim to achieve a clean and minimalist look. I prefer using single-color pastel tones instead of glazes with effects. Another reason for this preference is to maintain an industrial approach and standardize every stage of production. Ensuring the continuity of my products is highly important to me. Even if my stock runs out, I design products in a way that allows me to reproduce them in a day and shape my workflow accordingly.

Could you tell us about the production steps? What stages do Nueno Ceramic products go through before reaching their final form?

The first step is to come up with the idea that will shape the product. To achieve this, I try to understand people’s needs and demands. Once I have the idea, I begin with a simple sketch and then move on to digital modeling. After creating the model, I proceed to the molding stage, where I either work manually or use machine techniques. I pour the mold and conduct the first firing.

Next comes the glazing process, where I apply the selected colors to the products, followed by the second firing, which is the glazed firing stage. Once these processes are completed and the products pass quality control, I design the packaging to match the final measurements of the product. Finally, after photographing the items, I start showcasing them in online stores.

What can you say about your future projects? What are your expectations, plans, and dreams for the future?

At the moment, my main goal is to expand the production capacity and make my product range more accessible. Believing in collaboration, I wish to continue providing space for guest artists to showcase their creations in my workshop. Additionally, one of my future objectives is to establish a boutique workshop specializing in producing modular tiles. I hope to achieve all of these, too!

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