OMM Studio V: Q&A with Göksu Gül

Practicing optimism with Göksu Gül

Göksu Gül is a multimedia artist who began her career as a caricaturist and continued to expand her practice with various techniques and materials. She is known for visualizing her love of nature in her work. Her striking depictions of the natural world and its inhabitants paint an enchanting picture of life without human interference. We spoke with Gül about her days in isolation.

Can you tell us a bit about your practice? What were the biggest influences as you developed your style?

I used to accept dark situations as the “reality of life”, and this darkness was reflected in my work. I used to think that facing them would make me stronger. I now understand that life is also full of beautiful realities. Now my work is blooming.

Did you have an upcoming exhibition or project that was cancelled due to COVID-19 and subsequent global crisis? Will your works be shown in the near future?

Step Istanbul was supposed to be soon, but it’s postponed. The same goes for Contemporary Istanbul. I was scheduled for a personal show at Pg Art Gallery in February 2021, but it will probably be delayed.

What do you foresee for the post-pandemic art world? How has this period affected your practice?

I can’t make predictions for others. On an individual level everyone will do what’s necessary for their own lives. Personally, I will continue drawing and working on things that give me joy. My upcoming exhibits may have been canceled, but the exhibits weren’t my end-all, be-all, so the pace of my life and work hasn’t really changed. I have some commissions to complete, so don’t have much free time. Even when I do, I always find something to occupy myself with. I don’t want to hide selfishly and lazily behind the claim of “being an artist”, I want to dedicate myself to drawing – and I do.

What are you currently focusing on in your work?

I’m a painter as well as an illustrator and caricaturist. I continue work on my paintings, freelance advertising jobs, and book illustrations. This isn’t because I can’t sustain myself on painting alone. Jobs that I took on at the beginning of my career, so I could buy supplies and pay my rent, turned into projects I really care about and enjoy working on.

Have there been any artists or exhibits you’ve been especially moved by since the beginning of isolation?

Melis Buyruk from Pg Art Gallery, Murat Palta from x-ist, and Rasim Aksan from Galerist.

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